Commitment to Social Justice

IIDA Oregon Chapter Social Justice Mission Statement

The IIDA Oregon Chapter is dedicated to making Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion the consistent thread that runs through all the work we do. We define Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as:

Diversity for the IIDA Oregon Chapter is a celebration of unique backgrounds and life experiences that helps us gain perspective and have a greater opportunity for continued growth, learning and understanding. Diversity means having representation within the organization that reflects the make-up of Oregon’s demographics. This includes individuals with various backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, age, race, ability, socioeconomic status, occupation, and level of experience.

Equity for the IIDA Oregon Chapter is the recognition that certain groups have experienced disproportionately negative impacts that have prevented equal access and opportunity. This Chapter recognizes that everyone has different starting points related to their lived experiences and that we must acknowledge and actively create access and opportunities that are equitable. The pursuit of equity is ongoing and requires this organization to identify and actively eliminate barriers that have historically prevented full participation.

Inclusion for the IIDA Oregon Chapter is a welcoming and open environment that values varied experiences and promotes expression. It invites our community to share their diverse experiences and opinions, in a safe and respectful environment, without judgment. Inclusivity means actively providing access and creating opportunities that welcomes everyone, especially to those who have been historically excluded by systems of power.

Through our commitment to diversity and equity, we actively create an inclusive design community.

IIDA Oregon Chapter Social Justice Timeline
IIDA Oregon Chapter’s commitment to social justice began in 2020. Outlined below are the steps our chapter has taken thus far in the pursuit of social justice alongside some historic events that motivated us to take action.