A CEU (continuing education unit) is a measurement of contact hours and credit assigned to an approved course. Example: One contact hour = 0.1 CEU. IIDA Professional and Associate Members are required to take 1.0 CEU equal to 10 hours of continuing education in a two year time period.

Continuing Education is an important facet for Professional and Associate Members of IIDA. Understanding the value of continuing education and research has been the staple of IIDA since inception. Educated practitioners make informed, safe, and creative decisions, which affect all of us. Educational programs serve as a creative outlet to promote awareness regarding pertinent issues within the practice of interior design.

Policy and procedure dictate that IIDA Members must complete a specific amount of CEU’s within a given compliance period. As technology advances business practices across the globe, IIDA offers a myriad of options for those seeking CEU credit or looking to provide quality educational programming; to keep pace with this ever evolving industry. IIDA is committed to lifelong learning and continuous professional development of our Members.

The current compliance period for Professional and Associate Members is January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020.

The current compliance period applies if you became either a *Professional or *Associate Member prior to January 1, 2020. This allows you a full two years to complete the 1.0 CEU requirement. If you became a Professional or Associate Member after January 1, 2020, your first compliance period will begin January 1, 2022.

*All Professional and Associate Members (active and inactive) including Educators, IIDA Fellows and Chapter Officers, must adhere to IIDA compliance requirements.

Click here to report your CEU hours on the IDCEC website.

IIDA Individual Approval Reporting Form (IARF)

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FAQ for CEU course attendees