Emerging Professional Award

Emerging Professional Award
The Emerging Professional Award recognizes and honors a junior design leader who has advanced the Interior Design profession and enriched Interior Design in Oregon through their hard work and passion for design.

Congratulations to the 2022 winner of the Emerging Professional Award: Jenna Mogstad! Learn more about Jenna in her video feature.

Film credit: Videos filmed and edited by Casey Braunger | Quanta Collectiv

Jenna Mogstad, Associate IIDA
Ankrom Moisan Architects

Design Leader: Jenna is a design leader in Trauma-Informed Design. It’s a passion that she shares, teaches and is an advocate for in a variety of market types. She brings excitement and flare to each project while striving to design spaces for the underprivileged so they can feel dignity and hope while getting themselves back on their feet. Jenna embodies curiosity, empathy, creates relationships, and the ability to innovate toward the humanness of a project. Only 5 years into her career, Jenna has very quickly grown to learn to identify when balls are about to be dropped and she takes ownership over those aspects of the project – not because she isn’t swamped by a huge workload of multiple other projects, but because she cares about the project, the client, and her teammates.

Excelled Growth: Jenna is constantly learning, mentoring, and advocating for herself and coworkers in the workplace. Her drive to improve herself and the field of interior design is a steady passion she shares with those around her. In her years at Ankrom Moisan, Jenna has grown from being in a supporting documentation role to being the lead designer and main client interface on many projects. Her excelled growth is partly a product of the environment in which she’s been allowed to grow, but just as much a testament to her hard work and the fact that she has grown confident in her abilities, which is something of a rarity for young designers.

Value and Support: Jenna is an extremely valuable member of any team she is a part of. Since she works in many different market sectors (senior, student, and affordable housing) she is able to cross pollinate, taking some of the best ideas from each sector and melding them into the others. Working in many sectors that require knowledge of affordable, yet durable and attractive finishes means she has a robust repertoire of those types of finishes, saving the client money that can be better applied elsewhere in a project or building. She continues to add significant value from project to project from lessons learned – instead of just proceeding with “what was done last time” she continues to integrate feedback to make a better final product. Jenna is always striving to go above and beyond what people ask of her and is very passionate about creating beautiful designs, drawing sets and renderings.  

Community Involvement: Jenna is very involved in both career-based organizations as well as non-career based. She has been very active on the Oregon’s IIDA chapter’s board for the past 2 years. She has also volunteered time at some of her Affordable Housing projects, getting involved in building planter boxes for residents to proudly grow their own food and herbs. Her non-career based activities include being heavily involved in Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (FCCO), the leading feral and stray cat spay/neuter program in Oregon and works tirelessly every year for their annual fundraiser called The Fur Ball. Jenna brings positivity, honesty and diligence to the betterment of design, leadership, collaboration, the field of interior design and to her community.

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