Seven Things You Need to Know about Advocacy


Recently, we changed our name from “Government and Regulatory Affairs” to “Advocacy.” The IIDA Oregon Advocacy Committee (VP of Advocacy, Roberta Pennington, IIDA and Chair of Advocacy, Bethanne Mikkelsen, IIDA) will be your IIDA representative on the Interior Design Collaborative-Oregon’s (IDC-OR) board as well as inform you of legal and code updates within the state of Oregon.

Headquarters recently published a brochure all about IIDA Advocacy, available here.

  1. We’re introducing a bill this year.
    After the amazing momentum we gained last year by having our bill pass through one committee to another, we are not stopping. This year, we are reintroducing our practice act with modified language. I will be posting all the progress and legalese once it’s official. With a blog, the information will get to you sooner.

  2. IIDA Oregon is a key stake holder in the Oregon coalition (aka: IDC-Oregon) for establishing the title of Registered Interior Designer.
    Together with our partners from ASID and other independent interior designers in the state of Oregon, we will be working with legislators and A&D professionals to make interior design a recognized profession.

  3. More new newness from IDC-Oregon:
    IDC-Oregon is restructuring its board. This restructuring will allow for greater flexibility for its board members to focus on one task at hand and still maintain a work schedule and, if you can believe it, a personal life. We are moving forward this year with our bill and continuing to build on the progress made by past coalition volunteers. Please join us for an ASID hosted happy hour August 22nd to learn more about what will be taking place this year and how IIDA and ASID will be working together. Location: TBD. Stay tuned!

  4. Advocacy Volunteering is not just for young designers.
    When we spring forth from our respective schools (Go Kent Flashes!), we are full of enthusiasm yet to be sullied by the “real world.” This enthusiasm is what give the IIDA Advocacy Committee its gas. We need you students; you just spent tens of thousands of dollars on your education, some of which went straight into the coffers of state-run organizations. Legislators need to be reminded of this.

    We need people to steer this enthusiasm. That’s where seasoned professionals come in. How much of your effort and income have fueled the economy of Oregon? Think it matters if legislators know your story? Yup. And with your long-term legacy of design in Oregon, they want to know how your talents have made an impact in our state.

  5. Know your legislators and network with them.
    We network the bajeebers out of our IIDA Oregon events; networking with state legislators is the same. In fact, we have a leg up. It’s an election year and legislators want to hear from us, Oregon professionals. Networking with elected officials is as easy as letting them know you are registered to vote and you are part of a professional organization with a bill to be introduced this coming year.

    Not sure who your representatives are? Try this site:
    And be sure to follow up with an e-mail reminding them of your conversation. They love that.

  6. Advocacy impacts Oregon history.
    Remember the first time you visited the library? So much history and process and there you are right in the middle of it, adding to that history and process. In our interactions with clients, we impart our wisdom and personalities to make spaces better. Going to the capital and being a part of testimony to impact our design profession is no different and it’s on record for all time.

  7. Advocacy is fun.
    Did I tell you how I stopped in the middle of my testimony last winter to tell the legislators I was shaking more than a nervous wiener dog? (Roberta’s Bucket List, Item #31: Making Oregon Senators laugh: check!)

The Advocacy Team will be checking in with you every month with legislation, code and all things advocacy this board year via blog. Once the legislative session begins, our team will have a lot to report and we invite you to check in often!