Member Spotlight: Kayce Joyce

Kayce Joyce_spotlight_blog

Name: Kayce Joyce
Membership Type: Associate
Company/Position: Yost Grube Hall Architecture | Interior Designer
Years of Experience: 1+ year @ YGH | 9 years in Portland A&D.
IIDA Member since: 2013

Favorite IIDA event: I really enjoy the IIDA forums.  I think the past few years the Oregon Chapter has reinvented the forum platform and put together some really great combinations of designers, business owners and creative professionals with topics that span our industry as well as other creative industries that thrive here in Portland.  I appreciate that the board has branched out to other avenues of design and practice for these forum panels.  I also like that the forums are usually a smaller event in a more intimate setting.

Favorite Portland Restaurant: This is the hardest question on the list!  I think good food is the second most important thing to me, next to good design of course.  It’s a tossup between Ox, Laurelhurst Market and Nuestra Cocina; all totally different experiences, but all equally satisfying.  I also really love Shandong in NE for casual dining.

Favorite color at the moment?: Navy.  Anyone who knows me knows I love blue, but really it’s all about Navy.  Its classic, it’s strong and it’s timeless.  It will never go out of style.  Charcoal is a very close second.

Favorite design magazine/blog?: Need Supply Co. – Moments With Sunday blog.  Need Supply Co. is an online retail website based in Richmond, VA.  They have a weekly lifestyle blog on Sundays where they cover a variety of topics that span from fashion, music and art to designers, style icons and unique travel destinations.  I find a lot of their topics interesting and inspiring, outside the norm of commercial interior design.

Why are you a member of IIDA?: I’m a member of IIDA to stay connected to the industry and the other design professionals in Portland.  I think it’s important to support our design community in any way we can.  I’m also a member to support my design friends who volunteer their time and energy to be design leaders, IIDA presidents and board members, and to represent YGH in the design community.