Member Spotlight: Kirsten Justice

Kirsten Justice_Blog

Name: Kirsten Justice
Membership Type: Associate
Company/Position: ZGF Architects | Associate Interior Designer
Years of Experience: 14 years @ ZGF | 16 years of experience total
IIDA Member since: 2012

What gets you excited about design?: Designing for challenging, compact spaces. I’m currently helping a friend in the Netherlands make his dream of designing and moving into a mini-house come true.

Favorite design magazine/blog?: One of my favorite design websites is It covers anything from new sustainable technologies to European design trends.

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?: Cheering for my kids on the soccer field and for sure in the yoga studio. Yoga is the perfect way to recharge my batteries.

Interesting fact?: I’ve lived in Portland for 14 years and I still find it hard to like coffee…

Why are you a member of IIDA?: My degree is in Architecture and after being undecided for about 10 years I decided to join IIDA. It provides the perfect opportunity to engage with the design community. This IIDA chapter is so supportive and dedicated that I regret having missed on great events all those years.