Member Spotlight: Kate Stuart



Name: Kate Stuart
Membership Type: Professional
Company/Position: GBD Architects / Interior Designer
Years of Experience: 3
IIDA Member since: 2008

Why did you decide to take the NCIDQ?: I decided to take the NCIDQ to further my career as a professional interior designer. Although it is not required in the state of Oregon I believe it further distinguishes me as a design professional with the knowledge and abilities to enhance the wellbeing of people!

What does having your license mean to you?: I am not a decorator! Having my license is a great accomplishment to me! It shows to my employer and other design professionals that I possess the knowledge and skills to create healthy and safe environments. But…to the state of Oregon it means very little! I could already call myself an interior designer and I still need an Architect’s stamp on drawings that I create. This really struck me recently when a family member asked what it meant to pass the NCIDQ, I laughed and said well not much in Oregon!

If you could choose a title act or a practice act, which would you choose and why?: I would choose the practice act. I don’t think having a title is enough to reflect what I do. Years of work experience and passing the NCIDQ examination ensures my ability to create safe interior environments. By requiring an Architect’s stamp ($$$!) on interior drawings I could not be competitive starting my own small business. Having the ability to practice interior design on my own guarantees Oregonians with safe, healthy, and sustainable environments!

How does having your license affect your career?: I am now eligible to become an Associate within the Architecture firm I work for.