Member Spotlight: Janelle Korporaal

Janelle Korporaal_blog

Name: Janelle Korporaal
Membership Type: Associate
Company/Position:  Ankrom Moisan Architects / Interior Designer
Years of Experience: 8 Months at Ankrom Moisan, 4 years experience total
IIDA member since: December 2014

Favorite Portland Restaurant: My favorite restaurants I have found in Portland so far are Bamboo Sushi and VQ for food, Saucebox and Departure for design.

Favorite color at the moment?: Gray… No, navy blue. Maybe green? I don’t know, I like them all! They each have their own appropriate time and place.

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?: On a typical Saturday you can find me exploring all the wonders that Oregon has to offer.  From chasing waterfalls in The Gorge to crabbing on the Yaquina River I’m out there trying to see it all!

Interesting fact?: There are more vacant houses than homeless people in the United States.

Why are you a member of IIDA?: I became a member of IIDA to connect with peers and to be more involved with the interior design community.