Member Spotlight: Stephen Yeager

Yeager Couples Shoot 17

Name: Stephen Yeager
Company/Position/Years: Armstrong Ceilings / Full Line Sales Manager / 8 years
Membership Type: Industry Member
IIDA member since:  2007

Favorite Portland Restaurant:   To eat; Ox Restaurant.  To drink; Cascade Brewing Barrel House.

Hobbies:  Stare/smile/laugh at my newborn son.  Hike and explore the PNW.  Pick up the guitar when time permits.

Favorite color at the moment?:  Sky blue… with little intermittent white clouds.   C’mon summer..

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:  Trying to make lattes in the morning for my wife.  Then the day can begin exploring Portland and the PNW outdoors.

Interesting fact?:  The right combination of NRC – sound absorption, CAC – sound blocking, and aesthetics can result in Sound Design.