Student Spotlight: Alex Goetz


Name: Alex Goetz
Membership Type: Student
School/Experience: I am a fifth year Interior Architecture student at University of Oregon and have previously interned with Maharam as well as Veronica Shean Interior Design.
IIDA member since: 2013

Favorite IIDA event: I have loved the opportunity to go on tours of amazingly designed spaces like the University of Oregon Hatfield-Dowlin Complex. I missed the Design Crawl, but would have loved to see all those spaces too!

Hobbies?: Netflix, baking, spending time with friends, and Netflix.

What gets you excited about design?: The potential that each project has. There’s so much you can do to transform a space and having the power to make that change is incredible. I get the most excited when I get to work on adaptive reuse buildings with worn brick and exposed structural components… Love it!

Favorite color at the moment?: I have always gravitated towards bright colors. My all-time favorite is a yellow-green color (and variations of that), but I’ve also been liking this seafoam/teal color lately. Whenever I have the chance, one of those will most likely be incorporated into my designs.

Why are you a member of IIDA?: Throughout college, IIDA has really given me the opportunity to meet people in the interior architecture field, which will be extremely beneficial for my future. You learn a lot and get to share your passion with others, which makes it even better!