Member Spotlight: Jori Walker


Name: Jori Walker, IIDA
Company/Position/Years: Pacific Materials / A&D Sales Representative for residential, commercial and hard surface flooring / May 2015  to Present.
Previous Employer / SRG Partnership / Senior Associate / June 1996 to April 2014.
Between April of 2014 and May of 2015 I had the opportunity to take a “hiatus” and decide what I wanted to be when I grew up.
IIDA member since: 2007

Favorite IIDA event: Design Awards in October, I love to see what “great design” other firms are creating in the Portland area.

Favorite space designed in Portland: Remedy Wine Bar. Favorite Portland Restaurant: Oven and Shaker (the deep fried chick peas…yum)

Hobbies: Boating, Scuba Diving, Spending time in our Arizona home in February.

What gets you excited about design?: The emerging trends in mid-century design coming back with “gusto” particularly in the classics, that we all know and love.

Favorite design magazine/blog?: Abitare

Why are you a member of IIDA?: The Oregon Chapter has a very diverse membership, with amazing talent, enthusiasm and a passion for creating great design. We are all  proud of our city and our profession and the contributions we have made to make it a great place to live, work and play. IIDA has helped us to be stronger and better recognized as a profession.