Member Spotlight: Emma Silverman, IIDA

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Name: Emma Silverman
Company: Boora Architects
Position: Interior Designer
1.5 years
IIDA member since: 2012

Favorite IIDA event: Membership Appreciation! It’s always laid back, educational, and a great networking opportunity. The next one is January 27th, please come!

Favorite color at the moment? Deep colors – navy blue, forest green, red, I think it has to do with the rainy weather…

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?  At the gym or running outside. I feel most myself when in the great outdoors. Lately, I’ve been consumed with wedding planning/designing – it’s really hard when it’s for you!

Design accessory you just can’t live without? Personally for my home – Pillows! I think I have a slight obsession.

Why do you support interior design licensing? If there’s a way to enhance my career and level of professionalism, I’m going to do it. For me it was by taking the NCIDQ exam. Currently, it’s the most comprehensive exam interior designers can take to test their knowledge that pertains to the health, safety and welfare of building occupants. Passing the exam was a small step, opening up new opportunities while steering my career in the direction I’d like it to go. But now what? The state of Oregon has no legislation in place that regulates the profession of interior design. Currently anyone can call themselves an interior designer, even without passing the NCIDQ, going to an accredited design college, or by working experience at a reputable firm. For instance, if I wanted to start my own business and stamp my own drawings, I couldn’t – and that’s a road block, not only for me but for all interior designers in the state of Oregon who share a similar goal. I support interior design licensing because I believe in equality.