2017 Call for Sponsorship


Dear Sponsors, Members, and Supporters,

It is amazing to think that another productive board year has come and gone – and what a successful year it has been! The variety of events that the IIDA Oregon Chapter has hosted continue to bring our design community together in such an inspiring way! It is exciting to see the enthusiasm of our ever-growing membership as we gather to learn, be inspired, and celebrate our industry. It is because of our invaluable Sponsors that these events are possible, and we could not do it without you! Our hope each year is to provide bigger, better, and more exciting events and opportunities with the intent of elevating the level of professionalism for Interior Designers in Oregon.

Your generous contributions have allowed us to support:

  • Student-focused Events
  • Legislative efforts pursued by IDC-Oregon
  • Annual Chapter operations and overhead
  • Host special speakers at forums and events
  • Furnish resources for events

With your support, we can continue to maintain this high level of excellence and strive to make being a Supporter of our chapter a positive experience each year that gets better every year.

The following packet specifically highlights the IIDA Oregon Chapter’s Annual Sponsorship opportunities at the Firm Level. Out of great appreciation for your Sponsorship we have updated the list of benefits to help better match your contribution to a direct value for you and your company. For instance, two of our Annual Sponsorship levels include one complimentary IIDA Membership as a benefit – this is up to a $515.00 value. The value is an added bonus when considering that many employers already pay 100% of employee IIDA Membership dues! Click here for a calendar of upcoming events that is intended to help you to plan for unique Sponsorship opportunities in advance. Event Sponsorship opportunities are available prior to each individual event, with customized levels and associated benefits. For more information on Event Sponsorship, please visit our Event Sponsor page.

As we start this new board year, I’m excited to introduce you to our Sponsorship team!  We’re here to help in any way we can! Together we ensure that all of the IIDA Oregon Chapter’s Annual, and Event sponsors, are recognized by our A&D community.

Sponsorship and Fundraising
As the VP of Sponsorship and Fundraising, I (Jenna McPherson) am available for any questions, concerns, feedback, and assistance in making the Sponsorship process run as smoothly as possible.

Annual Sponsorship
Emily Wright, the Annual Sponsorship Chair will continue to take care of all of our Annual sponsors. She will ensure that Annual Sponsors receive their Sponsorship benefits and will keep in touch throughout the year.

Event Sponsorship
Melisa Gruber, the Event Sponsorship Chair, will be managing all of your Event Sponsorship needs, and will be involved and connected with each Event Sponsor to ensure that your experience is streamlined and enjoyable.

Please feel free to contact anyone of us – we are a team, and are here to make this year the best one we can, for you!

All the best for the year,