WRSDC Host Sponsor Spotlight: IA Interior Architects

Company Name: IA Interior Architects
Office Locations / Size of Company: 20 locations, 600 people
Project Types: Workplace, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality
Recent Local Work: Adidas, Elemental, HP, Urban airship, New Relic

IA is the first and largest architecture firm dedicated exclusively to interiors. IA’s approach to design is exclusively focused on how the aesthetics and organization of a space can reflect brand, improve efficiency and productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and support health and wellness in the workplace.


What is your favorite IIDA event and why? The WRSDC. This event allows both young and mature designers from many areas to come together, learn, grow and receive an understanding of their future opportunities and potential.

What aspect of your company are you most proud of and why? We are an employee owned company with an entrepreneurs spirit that lives within each of us.

We focus exclusively on environments through the lens of interior architecture—a radical idea in 1984, when IA was founded. We are highly connected agents of change, committed to creativity, innovation, growth, & our communities.

What gets you excited about design? Our clients. No matter how short or long the relationship, They always bring a new Challenge, a Puzzles to figure out and a new way to help us learn and grow.

What value do you see in being an IIDA Oregon Sponsor? This opportunity keeps us aware within our community, allows us to mentor and be mentored, Mostly it allows us to build deeper relationships with a variety of wonderful humans.

What does interior design legislation mean to you and/or your company? Our company IS interior environments, it’s who we are, It is everything to us.

Monday, April 2nd, 2018 Claire Smith