2018 Emerging Professional Award Winner Spotlight: Sarah Sasek

The IIDA Oregon Chapter is advanced by the dedication, support and leadership of our community. We are pleased to introduce the second annual Emerging Professional Award winner, who is recognized as a junior design leader who has advanced the Interior Design profession and enriched Interior Design in Oregon. The recipient of this award has exemplified traits of knowledge, value and community – values held by the IIDA Oregon Chapter.

The winner of the 2018 Emerging Professional Award is Sarah Sasek, of Opsis Architecture. Sarah was nominated by her colleagues at Opsis, who had countless points of praise for the junior designer.

Knowledge: Sarah has built a strong foundation as an interior designer through participation in multiple projects, from initial phases of programming and design continuing through documentation, construction and the specification of furniture.  She has shown passion and desire to be knowledgeable about the entire building design, understanding the structure and systems and, actively seeking more information at each design juncture. Sarah’s research efforts and knowledge sharing have not only contributed to the projects she is working on, but also extended to the rest of the office through her growing expertise.  Sarah readily applies this knowledge to new projects, working independently with project teams where she is highly valued. Sarah has shown enthusiasm for our mission and projects, people sense and dedication.

Value: Sarah is an exceptional member of the Opsis team, bringing a level of confidence and talent to her role that has elevated her to a “go-to” junior interior designer at the firm. She combines a thorough approach to each task and brings a positive and inquisitive approach to achieving professional mastery.
Sarah is passionate about creating environments that enhance human health and wellbeing.  As a core member of the Portland Materials Transparency Collaborative, Sarah has not only led the office to advance knowledge and resources for incorporating healthier materials into all projects, but she is also a local advocate and leader in the Portland area for greater transparency in material ingredients. Sarah recently led a hands-on biophilia workshop, inspiring each of us to channel our unique connections with nature with the goal of creating more restorative and beautiful spaces.

Sarah’s desire to improve the built environment is reflected in her dedication to our clients and her continued commitment to understanding their needs and aspirations.  Sarah’s work has steadily grown to involve working with clients from early programming through the completion of projects, consistently designing environments that are responsive to their specific needs and a reflection of their culture.  She is gifted at following through on the details that are so important to our clients. Sarah actively brings new ideas to the design process, contributing to projects she is working on as well as other projects in the studio as part of Opsis’s design review process.

Sarah’s professional growth has been remarkable, and her knowledge has been invaluable to numerous projects.  Her desire to use her talents to make the world a better place is commendable. Sarah is seen as a valuable team member by the Opsis community and we are eager to have a role in fostering Sarah’s growth and leadership at Opsis as well as her continued positive impact on the world around her.

Community: Sarah is a valuable member of the Opsis team, she is in-sync and responsive to others and a positive influence officewide.  She fosters close relationships with others that contributes to a positive work environment. Sarah brings a positive attitude to her communication and is a good listener, taking time to earn respect and is gracious and yet persuasive.

For the Opsis celebration of Women’s Day, Sarah was instrumental in collecting information about the influential women who served as role models to women working at Opsis and how these role models made lasting impressions on the lives of her co-workers.  Sarah’s work on the resulting display was prominently located in the office and an instant point of pride for the entire team.