Member Spotlight: Lindsey Carpenter

Name: Lindsey Carpenter
Company/Position/Years?: Mackenzie, Senior Associate, 7 Years
IIDA member since: Professional member since 2017

What gets you excited about design?: The challenge, exploration, team camaraderie, and taking our clients projects from vision to reality. At Mackenzie, we are client focused and at the end of the day, good design only works if your Client is excited about the work too.

Favorite space designed in Portland?: Currently, the restrooms at Ava Gene’s restaurant. I love when all spaces are branded and incorporated into the design. Never a missed opportunity!

What does being a designer mean to your life?:
I am very analytical and organized in every aspect of my life. It drives my family crazy, but luckily my architect husband can relate!

Favorite design magazine/blog?: Metropolis Magazine.

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?: Barre class, cooking, working on projects for my own house, and spending time with family and our kitty, Merlot.