Annual Sponsor Spotlight: Wilsonart

Company Name: Wilsonart – Engineered Surfaces
Your Name: Kirsten Solly
Local Rep’s Position/Years: 6 years with Wilsonart, 30 yrs in the industry
IIDA member since: 2008 at least

About your company, size/location, products and/or services:
Wilsonart is driven by providing beautiful, hard-working, on-trend and high performance engineered surfaces for whatever you need to cover. For decades, we have given designers and builders the right tools for the job, no matter how specialized. Today, we bring you a portfolio of solutions both decorative and functional, that spans retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, office and institutional applications. Wilsonart is dedicated to getting our customers what they want, when and how they want it. Over 4,500 people strong, based in Texas, Wilsonart is made up of dedicated people who care about doing the right thing, every day.

What is your favorite IIDA event and why?:
Annual Celebration because it’s Summer, the sun is out and everyone likes to win something! Celebrate accomplishment and transition.

What is your favorite product/service offered by your company and why?:
Quartz  – Beautiful, our New THINSCAPE tops – INNOVATIVE , and Laminate digital solutions – creative, one of kind designs.

What aspect of your company are you most proud of and why?:
Our people. People who care, we build relationships, we genuinely want to provide solutions and solve problems.

What value do you see in being an IIDA Oregon Chapter Annual Sponsor?:
Time spent to really get to know our design community- the people that make it happen. I think design and the whole process of making a vision real is inspiring. There is a place for everyone that has an interest.

What impact do you see the IIDA Oregon Chapter having on the A&D community in Oregon?:
The Chapter is very welcoming and offers many ways to learn and connect outside your individual firms to be able to grow your network and continue learning is important to build a great career that you are excited and satisfied with. It’s your LIFE – enjoy and be passionate about what you do.

What is your personal mantra?:
BE real, BE kind; we’re here together.

What gets you excited about design?:
I love the whole process. It’s amazing when you think about it, and understand ALL that comes together. So MANY people who need to communicate and provide expertise and inspiration and deliver to make something REAL and the impact that has on how we see and experience our world – goosebumps!