Member Spotlight: Chris Pero

Name: Chris Pero
Founder and Chief Curator
perodesign art and framing established 2008 

My current projects:

  • I am working with a client to put aerial photographs in their elevator cabs in
    Seattle. I did this for the same client in Portland. The high contrast black and
    white photos were such a hit in Portland that my client is looking to do this in
    their whole portfolio across the country.
  • Working with a Seattle client to come up with artwork in a commercial space that has 4 wings. They need a creative way to differentiate the wings so tenants and guests can tell what building they are in. It’s wayfinding, with art.
  • I am also working on a couple senior living projects. We are working closely with
    the design team to procure the art, as well as installation.

My Creative Process:

As an artist myself, I love surrounding myself with eye candy, so the process is really fun
to me. I focus on how we can really show off what a company does. I try and tailor my
process to help my clients find the art that enhances what they do. We work hard to
determine the goals, plan, and budget. In some cases we use marketing photos that
the client already has to create the art that will help inspire them. There is art in what
people do, I strive to show them that.

Project I am most proud of:

The Ah Ha wall at SAIF Corporation. Where we incorporated their slogan “Work, Life,
Oregon” with their own images to make an exciting wall that is art in itself. Art that
reminds them why they do what they do.

I work closely with local artists too. I want to make everyone’s project different. So, I
am really excited about the artist I know, and continue to find new artists all the time.
I’m always looking for that perfect look to go with my client’s needs.

Personal Mantra:

“Show off what you do best.”
I love to showcase what a company does.

Why I am a member of IIDA:

I think it is really important to stay in contact with creative professionals in order to
collaborate better. It is rare that a large project involves just one person, or company.
Finding the right people to pull a project together is the first step in making it happen.