State of the Industry

The State of the Industry survey is a vital research initiative that has been developed by the IIDA Oregon Chapter and is completely updated for 2020. In past iterations of this survey, we managed the process internally but found limitations to our approach. 

For the first time this year, we have contracted a data analysis company, Chmura, to implement the survey and compile the data to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Chmura has been an excellent partner in the survey development and has also partnered with IIDA HQ for the National State of the Industry survey. 

In gathering data related to the Interior Design Industry in Oregon, we will build an elevated understanding of the presence, status, and impact of Interior Design. Typically, data from Oregon would be combined with the several states in the western region, which ultimately skews the results. Rather than rely on that data alone, our goal is to highlight our unique state conditions and enable an educated analysis with focused and relevant information. 


After the survey information has been gathered, the results will be compiled into an easy to read report that will be available at For firms, the report can be used to view overall trends in staffing and fee structures, or to identify future opportunities. For individuals, it can highlight areas of demand and compensation levels. Ultimately, this report will be critical to encourage the development of industry friendly legislation and regulation that supports the health, safety, and welfare of the general public and all who are in the Interior Design Industry. 

We  appreciate your time and effort tremendously to build this tool and are happy to answer any questions you might have. Below, we have provided answers to common questions about the survey, but if you have any others, please contact 

Q: How can we trust that our firm’s specific information will remain private/secure?

A: The chapter has contracted Chmura, a well known market data and economic analysis firm who also works with IIDA HQ to implement the national state of the industry report and the data will remain completely confidential. 

Q: What type of information will you be requesting?

A:The survey is focused primarily on staff composition and roles, fee totals, compensation range, project types, and project scale for projects billed to completion in 2019. 

Q: What will you do with this information?

A: The information will be anonymously collected, combined, and analyzed to produce an overall picture of the Interior Design industry in Oregon. 

Q: Will we have access to the final report or a summary of findings?

A: Once complete, the survey results will be available to all participants and accessible on our website. Past survey reports are available here.

Q: How does our participation benefit our firm?

A: Once compiled, the report will provide opportunities for you or your firm to evaluate:

      • Fee structures
      • Compensation levels
      • Market segment saturation
      • In state and out of state project types

Q: Who is being asked to complete the survey?

A: Any firm that is registered in Oregon and practices commercial Interior Design.