Member Spotlight: Britni Jessup

Name: Britni Jessup
Rowell Brokaw Architects, Interiors Director, 7 years (in March 2020)
IIDA member since: 2006

What are you currently working on?:
There’s always a good variety of projects on my plate: work environments of all sizes, public and institutional learning environments, multi-family housing, and retail/ restaurant projects.

What does being a designer mean to your life?:
It’s a lens, for better or worse, that I am constantly looking through. I find myself unconsciously seeking to understand how the planning, design and feel of processes, places and things add or detract from the experience. Everything from dropping my kids off at school to buying a jar of lotion.

What gets you excited about design?:
The human experience. Across all sectors, that’s the one thing that binds all of our project types. Listening and designing solutions to support instead of to a trend lends itself to better, more timeless outcomes.

Interesting fact?: We just remodelled our own kitchen. Turns out it’s true that the toughest client is yourself!

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:
Sneaking in an early work out, watching my kids swim or play soccer (or getting them outside– they have a serious daily calorie burn to hit) and making dinner with family and friends. Maybe working a bit, too.