Member Spotlight: Katie Reinhart

Name: Katie Reinhart
Mackenzie/ Interior Designer/ About a month!
IIDA member since: 2013

Favorite IIDA event:
The Design Excellence Awards are my rare opportunity to dress up, hang out with all my industry friends, and see innovative and beautiful projects from the past year.

What are you currently working on?:
I’m drawing up speculative plans for office tenant improvements and choosing finishes for a host of restroom upgrades that landlords are performing while folks are still working from home. 

Why do you support interior design licensing?:
I support interior design licensing because I want clients to be certain we’re qualified to design with their health, safety, and welfare in mind. I also think it would provide much-needed clarity about the distinction between design and decorating, which the public at large still finds confusing.

What is your personal mantra?:
That no one person is better than another or more inherently deserving of being at the table- we all have different skill sets and life experiences that inform our work.

Favorite design magazine/blog?:
Garden Design magazine was my favorite, actually, until it folded. My work time is so focused on interiors that during my free time I like to redirect to the lived outdoor experience, and that magazine provided endless inspiration. Getting it in the mail was like opening a Christmas present every three months!

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:
My husband and I usually lounge in bed with coffee while our toddler eats his breakfast banana between us, then I spend a good chunk of time cleaning up the weekly toddler tornado or tending to the garden- both jobs seem never-ending. Later in the day we take a family pedal up to Mt. Tabor for a picnic if the weather is nice.