Source + IIDA Oregon Chapter Partnership

What is Source?

Source is a national, phygital search platform for commercial construction product selection. Source provides industry-leading data, on-demand experts, manufacturer connections and material samples needed to make fast and stress-free product decisions. 

Source was founded by Nicole Schmidt in Portland, Oregon in 2018. Prior to starting Source, Nicole worked as both an Interior Designer and a manufacturer sales representative in Oregon. 

What does “phygital” mean? 

That is a great question! While it’s not the most euphonious word out there, it really does describe what Source is able to bring to the specification journey that designers go on. 

Phygital = physical + digital. Source provides designers the immediacy of being able to find product data, images and local rep contact info for anything they want to specify on a project and then adds in the physical side of the specification journey with sample delivery and our human-powered services. 

Source has 2 membership plan options, “Source” and “Source+”. Can you tell us more about what the benefits are of a membership and what the added benefits you get with Source+?

Source is free for any commercial design professional* to join.

As a free member of Source you get access to:

  • Source’s Digital Catalog:  This includes materials and products from over 1,900 brands, and tools including project exports and digital layout tables.
  • Same-day Sample Delivery: Source has tens of thousands of samples available to be delivered same-day**. And you can order samples from all your favorite brands in one place, samples that are not in-stock are coordinated by Source to be fulfilled according to your specifications.. 
  • Rep Connect: you can use our Rep Connect database to find your local rep’s contact information or message multiple reps at once using Rep Connect. Looking to reach out to a few reps to find an alternate or to suggest products for a particular installation? Rep Connect empowers you to leverage your relationships with greater speed.

*Designers who work on residential projects but are current IIDA members will be approved for a Source membership. 

** Same-day delivery and sample reclamation available in the Portland metro area only 

Source+ is a paid membership that provides premium support for your firm. Source+ really brings in that “phygital” experience by giving you the expert support when you need it. Below are a few examples of our Source+ members’ favorite features: 

  • Research Requests: Need help finding a product you spotted on Pinterest? Or perhaps you are looking for that perfect hex-shaped charcoal tile that is suitable for use in a shower application. Our team of product experts can help you find options that fit your project’s needs. 
  • Concierge Sample Ordering: Got a big list of samples you need delivered to you or your client? Skip the searching and “add to basket” and send the list directly to us and we’ll order all the samples you need for you. (We can also order, pack and ship a set of samples to a client on your behalf)
  • Find an Alternate: Whether you need a VE option or a replacement for a discontinued product, our team can help find you an alternate that meets your needs. 
  • Sample Reclamation: If the samples from Source start to stack up in your firm, we’ll arrange a time to come and pick up any samples you no longer need**. (These services have been slightly modified during COVID to ensure the safety of our team and yours)

Source+ members will also be the first to have access to new features on the Source platform, priority sample delivery and rotating inspirational palettes that can be delivered to their firm to help inspire and share new products and visual mockup services. 

Source has partnered with IIDA Oregon to give all new members a 3-month Source+ membership. Why did Source partner with IIDA and offer this great benefit?

Source feels that IIDA Oregon shares the same heart that is expressed in our vision (see below). Source has found IIDA to be a strong and inspiring community of advocates for the built environment. Source wants to help bring tools to the local design community that help move forward and support both visions and is very grateful to be partnered with IIDA Oregon! 

IIDA Oregon Chapter Vision Statement: 

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) works to enhance the quality of life through excellence in interior design and to advance interior design through knowledge, value and community.

Source Vision Statement:
We are creating a community of peers who explore, test, share and discuss the merits of new and inspiring products. Rooted in transparency and objectivity, designed for those who create commercial spaces dedicated to positive human influence.

Who should I talk to if I have more questions about Source or joining IIDA? 

If you have questions about getting started with Source, please check out our IIDA OR / Source webpage or contact Brittany McClain ( 

For information on joining IIDA, contact Laura Serecin (

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 Maddy Gorman