Member Spotlight: Stephanie Robert

Name: Stephanie Robert
Company/Position/Years: PIVOT Architecture, Interior Designer, 3 Years
IIDA member since: 2018

Favorite IIDA event:
Design Excellence Awards, I love seeing what others in the industry have designed that year. 

Why do you support interior design licensing?:
I believe we need a way to distinguish the designers that went to school for this profession and worked hard to get where they are at versus anyone that can call themselves a designer because they are good at coordinating fabrics. Being an interior designer means constantly educating those around you and separating yourself from the interior decorators in the world.

What gets you excited about design?:
What gets me excited about design is when you have a client that is invested in their space and is willing to go above their budget to make sure the small details aren’t overlooked and their staff enjoys the environment they work in. 

Favorite design magazine/blog?:
Architectural Digest, I love to look at all the extravagant homes and daydream about having a home one day myself like that. 

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:
Out in my vegetable garden or composting!

Interesting fact?:
From the age of 10 I knew I was meant to be an interior designer because one of my favorite pass times was rearranging my room monthly and finding new ways to maximize the space and square footage in my room. My mom would find me pushing around my bed and drawing layouts on a blank sheet of paper.