Sponsor Spotlight: GBD Architects

Company Name: GBD Architects

Number of years in business: 52

GBD Architects is an interdisciplinary architecture, interior design and space planning firm dedicated to a sustainable built environment. Our staff of more than 80 encourages a highly collaborative office culture that is welcoming, warm and collegial. We love what we do, and are driven by a passion for creating beautiful, responsible spaces that respond to real human needs. We make buildings that work hard. Like we do. At GBD, our people are our greatest asset. Our diverse staff bring together creative, technical and management expertise to enhance the design and construction of every project. We believe collaboration is key, and approach each project seeking to realize its fullest potential through teamwork, service and innovation.

What aspect of your company are you most proud of and why?: 

The GBD culture is warm, open, collegial, highly professional and yet uncharacteristically down to earth. There is a strong work ethic. There is an obvious passion and love for what we do, a deep belief in how we’re doing it, and a respect for who we’re doing it with. The “it” is building beautiful, responsible spaces that move and elevate people.

What value do you see in being an IIDA Oregon Chapter Annual Sponsor?: 

We take pride in supporting our Oregon design community and encourage everyone at GBD to continue to learn, grow, and give back. Supporting organizations like the IIDA Oregon Chapter, who provide so much value to our community and act as a resource for interior designers, shows our dedication not only to our GBD team but the greater Portland design community. 

What does interior design legislation mean to you and/or your company?: 

GBD encourages interior designers to become NCIDQ certified. We advocate for interior design legislation and believe that licensed commercial interior designers should be recognized by the state of Oregon. We believe interior designers bring a wide wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. We consider our interior designers to be assets to our teams, and their involvement is an integral part of a project’s success. 


Monday, March 8th, 2021 Maddy Gorman