Annual Sponsor Spotlight: Bora Architecture & Interiors

Portland Faubion School | Portland, OR
“[This] project brings a new innovation to blended programs and public private partnerships for education facilities. I so value Bora’s deep understanding of this project type, highly collaborative approach to the work, and quality design.”   -Erik Gerding, Portland Public Schools

Company Name: Bora Architecture & Interiors

Number of years in business?  63

Who is Bora?:
Bora Architecture & Interiors is an award-winning national design practice based in Portland, Oregon. With health, equity and sustainability essential to our pursuit of inspiring architecture, we are committed to creating transformative environments that shape communities and elevate the human experience. Our inclusive, multidisciplinary design approach creates connections, enhances belonging and builds community power, reflecting the missions of our clients on cultural, educational, commercial and residential projects.

What is your favorite IIDA event and why?
The NEXT Breakfast Annual Keynote Speaker series. This event continues to bring engaging speakers that spark creativity and innovation within the design industry and beyond. It’s such a great way to start the day. We always leave feeling energized and inspired!

What aspect of your company are you most proud of and why?
Our inclusive, community-focused design approach and firm culture. Our commitment to creating a more diverse and equitable design practice in every aspect of the firm, elevating voices and welcoming multiple perspectives that invite design possibilities and opportunities.

What value do you see in being an IIDA Oregon Chapter Annual Sponsor?
We value the resources the Chapter provides to our interior designers and the design community as a whole, such as State of the Industry reports, educational forums, networking opportunities and many more!

What impact do you see the IIDA Oregon Chapter having on the A&D community in Oregon?
The IIDA Oregon Chapter provides many opportunities for growth and collaboration across the industry, furthering the local design community and providing resources to reach beyond. Bora is proud to support several of our interior design staff and their involvement with the IIDA Oregon Chapter as they serve on the board of directors. The opportunity to be in these leadership positions is invaluable to personal and professional growth.

What gets you excited about design?:
Design is an optimistic endeavor, creating spaces that inspire positive change and enhance everyday experiences. We see ourselves as pollinators, enabling our clients to flourish. Good design is for everyone. It’s an opportunity to bring people together, connect us to nature, and infuse beauty and joy into our daily lives.

What does interior design legislation mean to you and/or your company?:
We spend 90% of our time indoors. The design of interior environments shapes who we are and what we do every day. We recognize that what we design and the decisions we make on our projects has tremendous tangible and intangible impacts on individual well-being, as well as the well-being of our society and environment.

Interior designers are a critical part of Bora in their work towards creating beautiful, healthy and safe built environments. Interior design legislation would not only help our firm demonstrate accountability and competency to the value we bring to our clients; it would also foreground the need for interior designers to be fully recognized for their skills, knowledge and contribution to our work.