Sponsor Spotlight: Steelcase & Hyphn

Name: Janet Webb
Position: Architecture and Design Manager for Steelcase
Years: I just celebrated 25 years with Steelcase. Most of my tenure has been as the representative for Steelcase’s ancillary portfolio. My role shifted at the beginning of the pandemic, and I am now responsible for all of the Steelcase brands and partners.
IIDA member since: Approx. 1990
Involved on the IIDA Oregon Chapter Board?
1992–1994: Secretary
1995–1996: VP Fundraising
1998-1999: VP Forums
2008–2010: VP Fundraising/Sponsorship

Steelcase helps create great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services. The portfolio includes nine brands and 15 partners to help people work, learn, and heal.

 What is your favorite IIDA event?
The Next Breakfast always brings together a diverse group of leaders that see design through different lenses. Always inspiring and thought provoking, this event reminds me why I became a designer and why I have stayed in the industry. 

 What is your favorite product/service offered by your company?
My current favorite is the Grid modular lounge from our newest partner, the British brand Established & Sons. It is platform that creates a room-within-a-room to support informal meetings and presentations as well as just hanging out. The vibe draws me in with its playfulness.

Products that blur the lines between home, leisure and the workplace have always appealed to me but more than ever there is poignancy about looking forward to hanging out at work in casual spaces.

What aspect of your company are you most proud of ?
My 25 years at Steelcase has shown me that Steelcase lives by their values. They always do the right thing for people (employees and customers) and the planet. 

What value do you see in being an IIDA Oregon Chapter Annual Sponsor?
I feel a deep sense of obligation to the IIDA Oregon chapter as I have drawn great benefits as both a designer and as an industry professional. Supporting IIDA as a sponsor ensures that others will continue to benefit. 

What impact do you see the IIDA Oregon Chapter having on the A&D community in Oregon?
I know that the IIDA Oregon chapter has been a major influence on my professional life. Serving on the board and committees for instance, particularly early in my design career, advanced my skills in leadership and public speaking. I have seen so many young designers grow and mature into leaders in our industry through opportunities afforded them by IIDA.

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?
My husband and I spend many Saturdays cooking and preparing for dinner guests (lately just our pod). The planning, preparation and presentation is a creative outlet for me.

What is an interesting fact about you?
My first sales job was selling railroad rail at my family’s business. Thankfully I found that I belonged in design!