Membership Spotlight: Jenna Hays

Name: Jenna Hays
Company/Position/Years: Scott Edwards Architecture / Interior Designer / 1 year @ SEA, but
2 years in commercial interior design
IIDA member since: 2020

Why are you a member of IIDA?:
As a member of IIDA, I’m able to stay connected to my local chapter in a social setting, but I
also know I’m staying current on the latest and best information in our industry. Our PNW group
is such a close knit fellowship, and IIDA fosters that connection with very rewarding events and


Favorite IIDA event:
I love all the learning opportunities and forums, as well as anything related to the promotion of
interior design advocacy.

What are you currently working on?
I’ve actually started to transition to our Healthcare team, so I will be working on a multitude of
those projects in our firm. I’ve always been passionate about healthcare design, because we
are able to provide a high level and quality of design to users of all backgrounds. The health,
safety, and welfare of the end user is key in all design, but to be able to actually improve health
from great design makes it even more rewarding.

Why do you support interior design licensing?:
A huge proponent of many of the decisions I make on both a day-to-day, and big picture have to
do with diversity, equity, and inclusion. Interior design licensing will allow anyone who has a
desire to practice commercial interior design to have a “more level playing field”. It will aid in
eliminating some previous hurdles that sometimes prevents commercial interior designers from doing the work that they are educated and trained to do.

What gets you excited about design?:
So much. The role of an interior designer requires such high levels of adaptability, creativity, and determination, that every project is rewarding with its own unique process. It’s so much beyond that artistic aspect that gets pushed to the public’s perception from network television and similar media. We also get to be intensely technical, and we also get to exercise a great deal of psychology with how the space will be used, perceived, and influenced by others. You get to wear an infinite number of hats and are always learning.