Student Spotlight: Nahe Beatty


Name: Nahe Beatty
School/Year in School: George Fox University, Junior
IIDA Member: Since July 2021 

What was it like participating in the IIDA Student Design Charrettes (local, regional, national) this year?
Round tables, neatly displayed samples and materials, the Design Challenge Box, students excited to represent their schools… this was my first glimpse of the Local Charette Competition in Fall 2021. Before becoming an IIDA Student Member, I did not know the resources I would be exposed to, the connections I would make, and the opportunities it would present.

Beginning with the local Charette, I thought I was merely showing up, growing my knowledge and fondness for Interior Design, and leaving. However, that quickly changed when my team won second place for designing a condominium space which led me to compete at the regional level in California this spring. Receiving feedback from the judges expanded my idea of Design – as designers, we are to constantly seek out the highest and best use of space for clients. For me, the experience quickly became more than a competition. Prior to IIDA, I focused heavily on Residential Interior Design, but that quickly expanded in the design challenge when our team was tasked with reconfiguring and repurposing the Los Angeles Central Library. In traveling to California, I set expectations for myself which consisted of learning what commercial design looks like so that it benefits a large community, understanding what interior design professionals are looking and asking for, and can I, personally, compete in a broader setting. I knew that I would not receive the complete answer during the competition but it gave me a perspective on what I will value and take forward as a future designer. As the school year came to an end, Summer was just kicking off and I received an unexpected email saying, “You have been invited to the IIDA National Student Charette at Neocon in Chicago and we need a response ASAP!” At first, I was in shock, with many questions running through my head but with some reassurance from my family and professor, I quickly realized this was an opportunity right in front of me waiting for me to take it!

Seizing the opportunity, it quickly became a reality in less than a month that I would be representing Oregon in Chicago at Neocon (a well-known tradeshow), and competing in the National Charette at the IIDA Headquarters. Similar to the previous two competitions, I went in with an open mind. Working with my team pushed me to think on my feet and utilize the skills I have gained thus far. Even though my team did not place, we won an honorable mention and the feedback given was informative and useful. Receiving opinions or criticism may be hard to accept but that is what drives me to improve. These experiences with IIDA have cultivated my love of Interior Design. It has been a great foundation and I am genuinely thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given in my first year as an IIDA Student Member. 


What is your favorite class?
My favorite class at George Fox University so far has been Architectural Rendering.  This class utilized my fine motor skills with pen and paper to bring renderings to life. A unique aspect of the program at George Fox is that students take Interior Design classes from the very beginning in addition to their general education requirements. I did not have to wait until my junior year to take classes in my major which ultimately helped me to choose George Fox for my Interior Design education. The small class sizes allowed me to foster deep relationships with my fellow classmates and professors. My Interior Design professor challenges me to discover my skills including collaboration, ideation, creativity, and building my confidence as a whole. 

What would be your dream job after graduation?
My dream job after graduation from college has shifted. These opportunities and my love of travel will allow me to pursue International Interior Design by traveling to different countries to design homes, centers, or community spaces while experiencing new cultures. I will apply my diverse ethnic background and cultural sensitivities when designing in countries around the world. 

Why did you choose to study interior design?
As a young child around five years old, I did not know the term “Interior Designer” but I told my kindergarten teachers that I wanted to make homes happy and peaceful. Over the years, I watched shows on design and assisted with design projects at home and with my extended family. In the 8th grade, I started researching colleges that offered Interior Design as a major. Throughout high school, I visited several and ultimately chose George Fox University for the stellar program, small university setting, and amazing community.  

Favorite design magazine/blog?
My favorite design magazine is Magnolia featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines. I admire her work ethic along with her balance of family and professional life. Family is critical to me and seeing a healthy balance inspires me for my future family. The aspect that I most admire is her diverse ethnic background and the variety of businesses she owns including furniture making, a bakery, and her home renovation company along with books and other resources she has created.  

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?
On a typical Saturday, at home in Hawaii, you will find me working part of the day on house projects (currently we are building a greenhouse) and the second half at the beach with my family and friends enjoying each others’ company, soaking up the sun, appreciating the ocean water, and a big dinner cookout. Sunset is my favorite time of day viewing the colors change from bright blues to vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples. These moments allow me to draw inspiration for my projects and designs. I come from a family that works hard and plays hard and I hope to model that in the future.