Featured Blog Post: Embracing Change and Growth

As we step into 2024, the IIDA Oregon Chapter is gearing up for an exciting year filled with new initiatives and a renewed commitment to our members. Drawing upon our recent winter board retreat, the Western Region Chapter Leadership Conference, and Winter Chapter Leadership Conference we’ve had a busy end of year collaborating, reflecting, and setting our sights on the future. We’re thrilled to share some significant changes and upcoming efforts that will shape the year ahead!

Winter Chapter Leadership Conference | Past President, President, President-Elect

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:
IIDA Oregon Chapter’s commitment to social justice formally began in 2020 but has been an internal value long before that. In 2024, we are proud to officially launch our Social Justice Committee, marking a significant step in our commitment to promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This committee will spearhead initiatives aimed at creating a more inclusive environment within our chapter. We believe that embracing diverse perspectives and voices is not just a goal but a necessity for a thriving and innovative community. We are committed to this work and ask the community to hold us accountable in our efforts!

Board Operations and Organizational Culture:
A healthy organizational culture is crucial for the success of any group. Our board is dedicated to fostering this culture through regular retreats and participation in chapter leadership conferences. We believe in the power of continuous feedback loops to refine our operations and ensure that our chapter remains a dynamic and supportive community for all members. In this vein, you’ll notice our website has gone through a refresh and overall – we’re specifically incorporating a platform for members to give feedback and a community calendar to foster more connections and elevate industry events.

Advocacy in Action:
Advocacy is at the forefront of our agenda for 2024. We are expanding our Advocacy Committee to amplify our impact and strategically plan legislative pursuits in 2025. By advocating for our industry, we aim to create positive change and contribute to the growth and sustainability of our profession.

Promoting Belonging:
Belonging is a cornerstone of our community, and we are taking steps to extend that sense of belonging beyond our immediate surroundings. Outreach events are in the pipeline for Eugene and Bend, connecting with members in different regions and strengthening the bonds that make our chapter so unique. We are steadfast in our commitment to grow our design community beyond Portland to encompass the truly statewide chapter that we are.

We are enthusiastic about the opportunities this year holds and can’t wait to see you at our upcoming events. Here’s to a year of growth, connection, and positive change!

The IIDA Oregon Chapter Executive Leadership
Emily Wright | President
Peter Harrison | President-Elect
Candice Day | Director of Internal Communications