Member Appellations

Understanding the value of education and research has been the mainstay of IIDA since its inception. Educated Members make informed, safe, and creative decisions. The IIDA appellation after a Member’s name means that they have met all of the high requirements for membership. If you are a member in good standing, you can use the IIDA acronym after your name. Using your IIDA designation shows your clients, employers and peers that you are deeply committed to your profession. It demonstrates to a prospective employer that you have the qualifications that give you an edge.


Use your IIDA credential:

    • on your business cards, website, and letterhead
    • when being interviewed in the newspaper
    • when receiving recognition in press releases, newsletters and announcements

Remember to capitalize IIDA. Do not separate with periods or other punctuation.

List IIDA first when you include multiple appellations. Alphabetize ensuing appellations.

Below are a couple of examples of signatures. For examples of different membership types, click here.

  • Susan Suserson, IIDA, NCIDQ Cert. #100000, LEED AP ID+C
  • Susan Suserson, Assoc. IIDA, LEED GA