The 2014-2015 Call for Sponsorship

IIDAsponsorship_webheader600 Dear Sponsors, Members, and Supporters,

As many of you know, this past board year has been a huge success! Not only did we have some great events – our first ever Speakeasy Soiree Annual Celebration, an exciting Design Crawl event, and a series of excellent Educational Forums, just to name a few – but our chapter’s membership continues to grow. Yes, we’ve accomplished many exciting things, but no, we couldn’t possibly do it without the generous support of you, our fabulous sponsors!

Kicking off this new board year, I’d like to introduce you to our sponsorship team. We’re here to help in any way we can! As VP of Sponsorship and Fundraising, I’m available for any questions, concerns, feedback, and assistance in making the sponsorship process run as smoothly as possible. I work directly with our Chairs, Will Eichelberger from the Eaton Group, and Jenna McPherson from SRG Partnership, to ensure that you are recognized by our A&D community. When Patrick had to move away, Will jumped right in and has done an excellent job ever since. We are thrilled to have him on board again! Will primarily manages all event sponsorship, but is available to help the team and answer any questions you may have. We are also excited to announce our new Annual Sponsorship Chair, Jenna McPherson. Jenna is originally from Boulder, CO and is currently an interior designer at SRG Partnership. She has degrees in Interior Design, Psychology, and Sociology. Jenna has been a designer for two and half years and is a great addition to our group! Jenna will be taking care of all of our annual sponsors. She is here to make sure that our annual sponsors receive their sponsorship benefits and generally keeping in touch with them throughout the year. Of course, we are a team, so feel free to contact any of us – together we hope to make this the best year for you yet!

As our membership continues to grow, our goal is to provide bigger, better and more exciting events and opportunities for us to support the intent of elevating the level of professionalism for Interior Designers in Oregon. So what does sponsorship mean, exactly? Your contributions make it possible for us to support scholarships for our members, host student focused events, contribute to legislative efforts pursued by IDC-Oregon, host special speakers at events, provide for annual operations and overhead, furnish resources for events, and so much more! Luckily, with your support, we can continue to maintain this high level of excellence and strive to make being a part of our chapter a positive experience each year.

In order to ensure that the sponsorship process goes smoothly, we’ve developed – based on our research and your feedback – the following packet. This packet outlines great options to either sponsor one or more events, OR to become an annual sponsor. In addition to the annual and event sponsorship breakdown, we have included a full list of events organized during the board year and the sponsorship levels associated with each of them. This way you can see exactly what your options are for event sponsorship from September 2014 to July 2015. In addition, we have revised the benefit list to help better match your contribution to a direct value for you and your company. This packet provides you with a time-saving IIDA-Oregon one-stop-shop; and just like your generosity, we hope it will be as valuable to you as it is to us!

All the best for the year,

T é J A R A 

Our Team:

TéJARA BROWN VP of Sponsorship and Fundraising
WILL EICHELBERGER Event Sponsorship Chair
JENNA MCPHERSON Annual Sponsorship Chair

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2014-2015 Full Sponsorship Packet