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Updated Event Dates Released

January 17th, 2023
Clare Goddard, IIDA, NCIDQ
President | IIDA Oregon Chapter
Senior Associate Designer | Ankrom Moisan

Updated IIDA Oregon Chapter event dates released! 

This past December, the IIDA Oregon Chapter board met in person for an all day retreat to collaborate, reflect and look to the upcoming year. We had a productive and inspiring day that ultimately led the board to make some changes to our calendar of events for the remainder of the board year. 

As a non-profit, one of our goals as a chapter is to provide our members with quality programming. With that in mind along with the uncertain economic times and inflation we are all dealing with, the biggest change our members will see is that the Design Crawl is no longer on the calendar for 2023. Don’t worry though! It is not going away, but will instead be an every other year event alternating with the NEXT Breakfast Speaker Series. This change allows our board the time, sponsorship focus, and energy these types of events take to produce each year. While we know change is hard, as a board we are excited to be able to provide you, our members, the high-caliber programming and events you look forward to.

While that was the biggest change, we also had some date shifts to take note of as well. The much anticipated NEXT Breakfast has moved to March 2nd to accommodate speaker schedules  – we are looking forward to being in-person for this signature event! Elevate, our student symposium, will be held March 10-11 to allow for more opportunities to participate for students. Lastly, our  next Forum has shifted to  May and our  spring Social has moved to June.

Thank you IIDA Oregon Chapter members for your support and understanding! We look forward to seeing you at all our upcoming events!





Clare Goddard

Member Spotlight: Paige Tisdale

Name: Paige Tisdale
Company/Position/Years?: Business Developer for Dennis’ 7 Dees for 3 years
IIDA member since: 2021

Why are you a member of IIDA?
I am a member of IIDA because it allows me to connect with the design industry in a more casual and intimate way. I have learned so much about the industry just from attending IIDA events and it has been invaluable in working with designers on projects.

What is your favorite IIDA event?
I think my favorite event has to be the Design Excellence Awards Dinner in October.

Tell us a bit about your creative process:
I love to see a space to know what kind of texture and form the plants need to be to compliment the existing design. Light is also super important in picking the right species for a spot. Based on those two factors I’ve got plants in mind and suggest them to the client to see which they prefer. I also love to get the overall ‘vibes’ from the client as well. Do they like uniform and clean or would they like to see a lush green jungle or something in between?? It has been so fun to show others the possibilities with indoor plants.

What is your favorite space designed in Portland?
I think my Favorite space right now has to be the Galleria. It was a fun plant project to work on, not to mention all of the gold and vintage details are just stunning.

What is your personal mantra?
My Personal mantra is “There is no growth in the comfort zone.”

On a typical Saturday, where can we find you?
For sure Bruch to kick off the weekend, and then finding a community event or festival that’s going on! I love enjoying our city.

2022 Design Excellence Awards | Meet the Jurors

Anna Reiderman-Hickey, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C
Elkus Manfredi Architects | Boston, Massachusetts 

Anna Reiderman-Hickey IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C, © Elkus Manfredi Architects

Anna Reiderman-Hickey is a Senior Designer at Elkus Manfredi Architects with a passion for interior architecture that elevates the human spirit. With more than 15 years of experience in the design of multi-family residential and commercial interiors across the United States, Israel, and the European Union, Anna has developed a deep appreciation for how the built environment affects the way people experience a space.

Since joining Elkus Manfredi, Anna has worked on a variety of workplace and life sciences projects. She enjoys designing spaces that create a sense of community in the commercial world.

Anna’s current projects include a life sciences laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Phase III of the 401 Park redevelopment in Boston with Samuels & Associates. She recently completed design of community spaces for a development in Cambridge with The Davis Companies; a new lab building in Boston’s South End; and the redesigned offices for Plymouth Rock Assurance Company, located in Boston’s former Hotel Essex. 

Anna received her Bachelor of Design in Interior Architecture from the Holon Institute of Technology in Tel Aviv.

Confidential Life Sciences Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, © Elkus Manfredi Architects

Lobby Redesign, Confidential Office, Massachusetts, © Elkus Manfredi Architects

Fitness Center, Confidential Office, Massachusetts, © Elkus Manfredi Architects

Design Principal, Corporate Practice Lead
FCA | New York, New York


With an impressive portfolio of award-winning work, Mark brings a vibrant depth of perspective to his design. Throughout his career he has been a driving force for creativity, social, and environmental responsibility in design. It is his belief that through design we have the ability and responsibility to create spaces that respond to, and elevate, the human experience. In 2006 he was named Contract magazine’s Designer of the Year thanks to his exceptional innovative work. He is an adept problem-solver with a great sense of creativity and curiosity in people, process, and materiality. It is this boundless curiosity that pushes him to dig ever deeper in understanding how organizations, and the people in them, work.

EisnerAmper, FCA

KKR Financial, Huntsman Architectural Group

A+E Networks Headquarter, Mancini Duffy

Eileen Jones, FIIDA, SEDG, LEED AP
Principal, Branded Environments Global Practice Leader
Perkins&Will | Chicago, Illinois

Seeking inspiration in the most remote places, Eileen does extensive trekking and hiking all over the world. She enjoys exploring the influence that natural systems can have on design, and the stories they might evoke.

How does this relate to brand? Creating a sense of place where people can have an experience that resonates and is relevant to them is very important to Eileen.  The built world provides a sincere opportunity to engage and connect people. Through the arrangement of the environment and the movement from one space to another, Eileen’s purpose is to create places where people have an experience that is personal, meaningful and relevant to them – places where values, culture and vision come to life, and connect us all.

Eileen’s ambition comes full circle. In addition to designing world-class branded environments, she serves on various University boards, keen on doing her part to teach and connect with future generations of design professionals.  She believes in the importance of learning from each other, and in the intersection of wisdom and new ideas. As the world continues to evolve, so must we.

Haworth Corporate Center & Showroom

Newell Rubbermaid Design Innovation Center

University of Virgina Medical Center

Waste Management HQ

Membership Spotlight: Kelly Ernevad

Name: Kelly Ernevad
Company/Position/Years: Senior Interior Designer at YGH for almost a year (I moved from Seattle to Portland in 2020) and working as a Commercial Interior Designer for 25+ years. Current IIDA Oregon VP of Membership.
IIDA member since: 2021 as well in the past years.

Why are you a member of IIDA?
First and foremost I joined to be a part of a community of fellow creatives! The energy that I get from being with other interior designers and industry members feeds me. It inspires me to hear about what others are working on, allows me to share, and provides a venue to learn, lead, advocate, and celebrate our work and profession together.

What is your favorite IIDA event?
The Socials, so far!  I love meeting people and building relationships. Since I am fairly new to the area the socials have been a fantastic way to make new connections. I’m looking forward to the upcoming Design Excellence Awards and Design Crawl Series in the Spring too.

What gets you excited about design?
The unique ability to shape spaces and create environments that holistically connect who uses them. It’s exciting that each project brings new ways to be creative. The initial research and discovering phase are so compelling as they allow inspiration and collaboration to thrive and then communicating the design and all the details stimulate the process for me and bring it all to life working with the client.

Favorite design blog and podcast you follow?
Estliving – It’s an Australian design blog and magazine that highlights projects in Australia and all over the world. The modern simplicity and gorgeous details leave me in awe.

ONEder – Thought provoking conversations with designers, architects, makers and thinkers about design.

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?
Working in the garden or on a house renovation project, taking a road trip somewhere new in Portland, and wandering through a farmers market or a local arts festival.

Member Spotlight: Jennifer Adams

Name:  Jennifer Adams
Company/Position/Years: Jacobs , Interior Designer, 14 years
IIDA member since: July 7 2010

Why are you a member of IIDA?
To maintain industry connections and contacts.

What is your favorite IIDA event?
IIDA Happy Hours (when I can attend).

What does being a designer mean to your life?
Being an integral part of designing change in the world, even if it often involves multiple small changes before a larger change is experienced.

What is your personal mantra?
Don’t Settle.

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?
Riding my horses or tending to my farm.

Student Spotlight: Nahe Beatty


Name: Nahe Beatty
School/Year in School: George Fox University, Junior
IIDA Member: Since July 2021 

What was it like participating in the IIDA Student Design Charrettes (local, regional, national) this year?
Round tables, neatly displayed samples and materials, the Design Challenge Box, students excited to represent their schools… this was my first glimpse of the Local Charette Competition in Fall 2021. Before becoming an IIDA Student Member, I did not know the resources I would be exposed to, the connections I would make, and the opportunities it would present.

Beginning with the local Charette, I thought I was merely showing up, growing my knowledge and fondness for Interior Design, and leaving. However, that quickly changed when my team won second place for designing a condominium space which led me to compete at the regional level in California this spring. Receiving feedback from the judges expanded my idea of Design – as designers, we are to constantly seek out the highest and best use of space for clients. For me, the experience quickly became more than a competition. Prior to IIDA, I focused heavily on Residential Interior Design, but that quickly expanded in the design challenge when our team was tasked with reconfiguring and repurposing the Los Angeles Central Library. In traveling to California, I set expectations for myself which consisted of learning what commercial design looks like so that it benefits a large community, understanding what interior design professionals are looking and asking for, and can I, personally, compete in a broader setting. I knew that I would not receive the complete answer during the competition but it gave me a perspective on what I will value and take forward as a future designer. As the school year came to an end, Summer was just kicking off and I received an unexpected email saying, “You have been invited to the IIDA National Student Charette at Neocon in Chicago and we need a response ASAP!” At first, I was in shock, with many questions running through my head but with some reassurance from my family and professor, I quickly realized this was an opportunity right in front of me waiting for me to take it!

Seizing the opportunity, it quickly became a reality in less than a month that I would be representing Oregon in Chicago at Neocon (a well-known tradeshow), and competing in the National Charette at the IIDA Headquarters. Similar to the previous two competitions, I went in with an open mind. Working with my team pushed me to think on my feet and utilize the skills I have gained thus far. Even though my team did not place, we won an honorable mention and the feedback given was informative and useful. Receiving opinions or criticism may be hard to accept but that is what drives me to improve. These experiences with IIDA have cultivated my love of Interior Design. It has been a great foundation and I am genuinely thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given in my first year as an IIDA Student Member. 


What is your favorite class?
My favorite class at George Fox University so far has been Architectural Rendering.  This class utilized my fine motor skills with pen and paper to bring renderings to life. A unique aspect of the program at George Fox is that students take Interior Design classes from the very beginning in addition to their general education requirements. I did not have to wait until my junior year to take classes in my major which ultimately helped me to choose George Fox for my Interior Design education. The small class sizes allowed me to foster deep relationships with my fellow classmates and professors. My Interior Design professor challenges me to discover my skills including collaboration, ideation, creativity, and building my confidence as a whole. 

What would be your dream job after graduation?
My dream job after graduation from college has shifted. These opportunities and my love of travel will allow me to pursue International Interior Design by traveling to different countries to design homes, centers, or community spaces while experiencing new cultures. I will apply my diverse ethnic background and cultural sensitivities when designing in countries around the world. 

Why did you choose to study interior design?
As a young child around five years old, I did not know the term “Interior Designer” but I told my kindergarten teachers that I wanted to make homes happy and peaceful. Over the years, I watched shows on design and assisted with design projects at home and with my extended family. In the 8th grade, I started researching colleges that offered Interior Design as a major. Throughout high school, I visited several and ultimately chose George Fox University for the stellar program, small university setting, and amazing community.  

Favorite design magazine/blog?
My favorite design magazine is Magnolia featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines. I admire her work ethic along with her balance of family and professional life. Family is critical to me and seeing a healthy balance inspires me for my future family. The aspect that I most admire is her diverse ethnic background and the variety of businesses she owns including furniture making, a bakery, and her home renovation company along with books and other resources she has created.  

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?
On a typical Saturday, at home in Hawaii, you will find me working part of the day on house projects (currently we are building a greenhouse) and the second half at the beach with my family and friends enjoying each others’ company, soaking up the sun, appreciating the ocean water, and a big dinner cookout. Sunset is my favorite time of day viewing the colors change from bright blues to vibrant oranges, pinks, and purples. These moments allow me to draw inspiration for my projects and designs. I come from a family that works hard and plays hard and I hope to model that in the future.

Keeping Up the Momentum

Hello! My name is Clare Goddard and July 1st marked my official IIDA Oregon Chapter Presidential inauguration for the 2022-2023 board year! I am so excited to have had the opportunity to celebrate with many of you at Summer Camp a couple weeks ago, enjoying campfire cocktails, gourmet s’mores and field games! I am really looking forward to an exciting year ahead, full of forward progress, accomplishments and connection!

As your 2022-2023 IIDA Oregon Chapter President, my theme for this year is momentum. The past two years, Kate Stuart and Amber Turner were able to start some very important work during their terms as President, committing to some big initiatives that simply cannot be accomplished in a single year. My goal as Chapter President is to keep the momentum of these initiatives going, making progress towards our goals as a Chapter. The first of these initiatives is to continue to fulfill the chapter mission statement and honor our organization’s manifesto through all we do this year. Here is a brief summary of the other initiatives and goals we have for our Chapter in the coming year. 

Commitment to Social Justice
We will continue our commitment to Social Justice in making sure that diversity, equity and inclusion are in the DNA of all that we do as a Chapter. This year, for the first time, we will have a Director of Social Justice. Understanding that the pursuit of social justice is ongoing, this position will help us to continue these efforts and implement this mission within our Chapter operations. In working with our new Director of Social Justice, we will create 1-year, 3-year, 5-year and 10-year goals, so that diversity, equity and inclusion efforts do not stop after my term as President.

We will continue to take actions to create more programming outside of Portland, expanding our reach to other parts of Oregon to create a more inclusive design community state-wide. We are also planning to offer more philanthropic partnerships to this year’s programming as well, continuing to give back and serve our local communities.

We plan to offer membership grants again this year removing financial barriers and prioritizing BIPOC professionals in our community who would otherwise not be members of IIDA. 

Lastly, we will also continue our work to revise our Chapter policies and procedures, adding more inclusive language and setting policies for more equitable meetings, purchasing guidelines, nominations, and awards.

Student Engagement
We as a chapter believe that diversity, equity and inclusion in our chapter and in the State of Oregon is directly tied to student engagement. By engaging with students at an earlier age, we can educate today’s youth on the importance of design, what opportunities and career paths are available, as well as the legitimacy of Commercial Interior Design as a profession. 

We are committed to apply for another Catalyst Grant in 2023 to build a ‘More Diverse Future’ by creating new programming for K-12 students, targeting BIPOC and underserved communities in an effort to spark more interest and bring awareness to interior design as a profession and career path. 

Last year we refocused our advocacy efforts and started taking steps towards establishing Commercial Interior Design legislation in the State of Oregon. And, we plan to continue those efforts through fundraising, strategic planning and advocating for legislation in all that we do as a chapter.

We will continue fundraising by bringing back bowling to our Annual Advocacy Fundraiser & Raffle taking place September 8th, 2022. All proceeds from this event will be earmarked for current and future Advocacy efforts.

We will begin to build our advocacy alliance leveraging the passion, connection and insights from our design community as a whole. We will also be researching and hiring a lobbyist, engaging with our legislators, and connecting with our stakeholders and opposition as we begin to draft our bill. As you can tell, it is a HUGE year for legislation, but with recent legislative wins in North Carolina, Wisconsin and Illinois and the change in AIA’s response, we feel optimistic for the future.

Upcoming Events
We have a full calendar of programming and we can’t wait to see you there! Looking ahead into August, we will be hosting our first SOCIAL for the board year; a tour of SERA’s new office in downtown Portland

Also in August, we will begin our call for submissions for the 2022  Design Excellence Awards, as well as nominations for the 2022 Emerging Professional Award. We will be back at Castaway to celebrate the amazing and inspiring interior design from our Oregon design firms, so mark your calendars for August 22nd when the call for submissions will be open for this signature event.

You can find our full calendar of events by visiting our website and I  look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events this year!

Lastly, I’d like to thank my firm, Ankrom Moisan, for their support in my new role with IIDA. Ankrom Moisan is a tremendous advocate for Commercial Interior Design and the IIDA Oregon Chapter by supporting not just me, but a group of us serving on the board. Thank you Ankrom Moisan for your support this past year and for your continued support in the upcoming year.

In addition to Ankrom, many firms and companies commit time and resources to the Chapter by supporting Board members. Our 33 member board is a diverse group of individuals who come from different design backgrounds, but who are all passionate about community engagement and Commercial Interior Design.

Board members and IIDA Oregon Chapter members, I look forward to collaborating with you this year, and I am honored to serve as your 2022-2023 IIDA Oregon Chapter President.




Clare Goddard, NCIDQ, IIDA
IIDA Oregon Chapter President