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Member Spotlight: Stephanie Robert

Name: Stephanie Robert
Company/Position/Years: PIVOT Architecture, Interior Designer, 3 Years
IIDA member since: 2018

Favorite IIDA event:
Design Excellence Awards, I love seeing what others in the industry have designed that year. 

Why do you support interior design licensing?:
I believe we need a way to distinguish the designers that went to school for this profession and worked hard to get where they are at versus anyone that can call themselves a designer because they are good at coordinating fabrics. Being an interior designer means constantly educating those around you and separating yourself from the interior decorators in the world.

What gets you excited about design?:
What gets me excited about design is when you have a client that is invested in their space and is willing to go above their budget to make sure the small details aren’t overlooked and their staff enjoys the environment they work in. 

Favorite design magazine/blog?:
Architectural Digest, I love to look at all the extravagant homes and daydream about having a home one day myself like that. 

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:
Out in my vegetable garden or composting!

Interesting fact?:
From the age of 10 I knew I was meant to be an interior designer because one of my favorite pass times was rearranging my room monthly and finding new ways to maximize the space and square footage in my room. My mom would find me pushing around my bed and drawing layouts on a blank sheet of paper.

Source + IIDA Oregon Chapter Partnership

What is Source?

Source is a national, phygital search platform for commercial construction product selection. Source provides industry-leading data, on-demand experts, manufacturer connections and material samples needed to make fast and stress-free product decisions. 

Source was founded by Nicole Schmidt in Portland, Oregon in 2018. Prior to starting Source, Nicole worked as both an Interior Designer and a manufacturer sales representative in Oregon. 

What does “phygital” mean? 

That is a great question! While it’s not the most euphonious word out there, it really does describe what Source is able to bring to the specification journey that designers go on. 

Phygital = physical + digital. Source provides designers the immediacy of being able to find product data, images and local rep contact info for anything they want to specify on a project and then adds in the physical side of the specification journey with sample delivery and our human-powered services. 

Source has 2 membership plan options, “Source” and “Source+”. Can you tell us more about what the benefits are of a membership and what the added benefits you get with Source+?

Source is free for any commercial design professional* to join.

As a free member of Source you get access to:

  • Source’s Digital Catalog:  This includes materials and products from over 1,900 brands, and tools including project exports and digital layout tables.
  • Same-day Sample Delivery: Source has tens of thousands of samples available to be delivered same-day**. And you can order samples from all your favorite brands in one place, samples that are not in-stock are coordinated by Source to be fulfilled according to your specifications.. 
  • Rep Connect: you can use our Rep Connect database to find your local rep’s contact information or message multiple reps at once using Rep Connect. Looking to reach out to a few reps to find an alternate or to suggest products for a particular installation? Rep Connect empowers you to leverage your relationships with greater speed.

*Designers who work on residential projects but are current IIDA members will be approved for a Source membership. 

** Same-day delivery and sample reclamation available in the Portland metro area only 

Source+ is a paid membership that provides premium support for your firm. Source+ really brings in that “phygital” experience by giving you the expert support when you need it. Below are a few examples of our Source+ members’ favorite features: 

  • Research Requests: Need help finding a product you spotted on Pinterest? Or perhaps you are looking for that perfect hex-shaped charcoal tile that is suitable for use in a shower application. Our team of product experts can help you find options that fit your project’s needs. 
  • Concierge Sample Ordering: Got a big list of samples you need delivered to you or your client? Skip the searching and “add to basket” and send the list directly to us and we’ll order all the samples you need for you. (We can also order, pack and ship a set of samples to a client on your behalf)
  • Find an Alternate: Whether you need a VE option or a replacement for a discontinued product, our team can help find you an alternate that meets your needs. 
  • Sample Reclamation: If the samples from Source start to stack up in your firm, we’ll arrange a time to come and pick up any samples you no longer need**. (These services have been slightly modified during COVID to ensure the safety of our team and yours)

Source+ members will also be the first to have access to new features on the Source platform, priority sample delivery and rotating inspirational palettes that can be delivered to their firm to help inspire and share new products and visual mockup services. 

Source has partnered with IIDA Oregon to give all new members a 3-month Source+ membership. Why did Source partner with IIDA and offer this great benefit?

Source feels that IIDA Oregon shares the same heart that is expressed in our vision (see below). Source has found IIDA to be a strong and inspiring community of advocates for the built environment. Source wants to help bring tools to the local design community that help move forward and support both visions and is very grateful to be partnered with IIDA Oregon! 

IIDA Oregon Chapter Vision Statement: 

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) works to enhance the quality of life through excellence in interior design and to advance interior design through knowledge, value and community.

Source Vision Statement:
We are creating a community of peers who explore, test, share and discuss the merits of new and inspiring products. Rooted in transparency and objectivity, designed for those who create commercial spaces dedicated to positive human influence.

Who should I talk to if I have more questions about Source or joining IIDA? 

If you have questions about getting started with Source, please check out our IIDA OR / Source webpage or contact Brittany McClain ( 

For information on joining IIDA, contact Laura Serecin (

Member Spotlight: Katie Reinhart

Name: Katie Reinhart
Mackenzie/ Interior Designer/ About a month!
IIDA member since: 2013

Favorite IIDA event:
The Design Excellence Awards are my rare opportunity to dress up, hang out with all my industry friends, and see innovative and beautiful projects from the past year.

What are you currently working on?:
I’m drawing up speculative plans for office tenant improvements and choosing finishes for a host of restroom upgrades that landlords are performing while folks are still working from home. 

Why do you support interior design licensing?:
I support interior design licensing because I want clients to be certain we’re qualified to design with their health, safety, and welfare in mind. I also think it would provide much-needed clarity about the distinction between design and decorating, which the public at large still finds confusing.

What is your personal mantra?:
That no one person is better than another or more inherently deserving of being at the table- we all have different skill sets and life experiences that inform our work.

Favorite design magazine/blog?:
Garden Design magazine was my favorite, actually, until it folded. My work time is so focused on interiors that during my free time I like to redirect to the lived outdoor experience, and that magazine provided endless inspiration. Getting it in the mail was like opening a Christmas present every three months!

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:
My husband and I usually lounge in bed with coffee while our toddler eats his breakfast banana between us, then I spend a good chunk of time cleaning up the weekly toddler tornado or tending to the garden- both jobs seem never-ending. Later in the day we take a family pedal up to Mt. Tabor for a picnic if the weather is nice.

Sustainable Leadership: Ashley Nored

Ashley Nored, IIDA, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C | Hennebery Eddy Architects 

One of the Member Award nominations submitted this year was not an Emerging Professional, nor an Industry partner, and not quite ready for the Legacy Award but their dedication, advocacy, and leadership of sustainable design measures led us to award them an Honorable Mention in Sustainable Leadership. Ashley Nored is an interior designer at Hennebery Eddy, and a former sustainability consultant at Green Building Services. Learn more about Ashley’s dedication to Sustainability by reading her nomination below. 

Sustainable Leader

A champion of “net-positive” design solutions with prior experience as a sustainability consultant, Ashley integrates creative sustainable design principles into each phase of the interior design process, synthesizing functional and technical requirements for Hennebery Eddy’s academic, civic, and cultural projects. 

In addition to her project leadership, Ashley consistently leads conversations and professional development in sustainable design through her leadership on Hennebery Eddy’s Net-positive committee. In this role, she advocates for early integration of sustainable design efforts into projects, including energy modeling, daylighting studies, and materials selection that prioritizes disclosure of material content and environmental impact, red list-free, local, and socially just materials.

Ashley oversees Hennebery Eddy’s AIA 2030 Challenge and Design Data Exchange tracking efforts, ensuring that all firm project data is entered into the database. In addition, she manages the aggregation of the firm’s data and oversees internal reporting to benchmark progress in designing for calculated energy reduction. As a result, Ashley’s knowledge, best practices, and guidance in sustainable design are sought after by colleagues for project work and individual professional development. Ashley has worked on more than 100 LEED projects and is skilled at generating solutions to create human-centered and safe environments that benefit end users. She facilitates eco-charettes for design teams, client staff, and stakeholders to collaboratively achieve high-performance goals while providing engaging, community-focused interior environments. In addition, she has been selected for several sustainability presentations (see “Enhanced Knowledge” section).

Enhanced Knowledge

Ashley has presented on both sustainability and interior design topics to industry peers and clients, demonstrating her thorough knowledge of technical details and broad design concepts. In her previous role as a sustainability consultant, she presented to the IIDA on environmental product declarations and product specification and transparency. She brought equally nuanced information to NeoCon in 2014 where her presentation “LEED v4: What to Expect with the New Certification Systems” provided early insights to the interior design profession.

During her time at Hennebery Eddy, Ashley’s presentations and workshop leadership have reflected her philosophy that good design is healthful design. From “Blue Sky Thinking in Big Sky Country,” where she presented the firm’s successful, aspirational approach to sustainable design in an academic setting, to her role as a panelist in AIA’s “2030 Commitment: Keeping your firm and team engaged,” Ashley consistently and clearly articulates how the value of forward-thinking, holistic, human-centric design as is essential for successfully improving the quality of life for building occupants and while honoring and protecting the natural environment. Ashley’s other recent presentations include co-leading a design charette and workshop for Library Journal’s design institute in Vancouver, WA., presenting at the Society for College and University Planners Pacific Region conference on her work with Rogue Community College, “Creating a Community College Campus for Student Success,” and leading a virtual project tour of the award-winning Robert M. Richmond Library and Museum for IIDA Oregon. Currently, Ashley is leading the creation of a client-facing guide for workplace interior design during COVID-19.

Ashley’s expertise and commitment to the industry is evident through the credentials she has earned and maintained: NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C, and IIDA. In addition, Ashley is an active member of the Interior Design Collaborative – Oregon, the Oregon Library Association, and CREW Portland.

Support and Value

Ashley continually and unequivocally demonstrates value to her colleagues, clients, and aspiring designers. At Hennebery Eddy, Ashley is a leader among the interior design group, advocating for the team’s role within broader design efforts, and mentoring newer team members as they begin their careers.

Hennebery Eddy has consistently hosted student interior design interns and sustainable design interns. Ashley has played a key role in defining areas of focus and professional development for these design students, setting them up for career success during future employment. Her service-oriented, teaching mindset ensures that these interns learn while doing, and provides opportunities for discovery and exploration through energy modeling, data gathering, and design contributions to client projects. Ashley also works closely with sustainable design interns as they coordinate AIA 2030 project data gathering on behalf of the firm.

Finally, Ashley plays a critical role in marketing the firm’s sustainable design and interior design services. She leads the interior design business development efforts and is proactive in developing critical relationships with existing and prospective clients. During proposal development and interview work, Ashley clearly and calmly articulates the value of sustainable interior design and helps project team and selection committee members envision the possibilities and impact of a healthful, sensitively designed environment.

Community Involvement

Ashley has been proactive in seeking ways to build the reputation of the profession. For the Interior Design Collaborative – Oregon (IDC-Oregon), Ashley served as Marketing Chair from 2012 to 2013 and as Legislative Chair from 2011 to 2012. In these roles, she supported the advancement of the interior design profession through advocating for state commercial interior design legislation. Ashley worked closely with IDC-Oregon board members and lobbyists to write and revise bill language, attend bill hearings, host Capitol Days, and meet with State senators and representatives to educate legislators on the impact interior designers have on the health, safety, and welfare of the public.

For IIDA Oregon, Ashley served as Advocacy Chair from 2011 to 2012 and as Social Media Chair from 2016 to 2017. As Advocacy chair, Ashley bridged the gap of legislative efforts between IIDA Oregon and IDC-Oregon, ensuring that all IIDA members had current information and opportunities to participate in the latest advocacy efforts. As Social Media Chair, she created and shared digital content supporting IIDA’s events, fundraising efforts, and membership spotlights.


2020 Design Excellence Awards | Meet the Jurors


Meena Krenek is an inspiring, award winning designer who has transformed her client’s companies, strengthening their corporate cultures through experiential design. She considers space and form at many scales while understanding the importance of interior environments that are human-centric. She has a keen ability to embed herself in her client’s needs and develops tailored design responses that positively influence their business drivers and employee engagement.

Since joining Perkins+Will in 2005, Meena has focused on integrating both architectural and interior design to create solutions that cross boundaries, encourage emotional connections with space, and prioritize health, wellness and human energy. She has worked in the New York, Atlanta, and now Los Angeles Perkins and Will Studio as an Interior Design Director. Her strength is creating interior architecture that tells a story and encourages the end user to embark on a unique brand journey every day. Her interior design leadership at Perkins+Will fosters innovative thinking for provocative design exploration.

“At a very basic level, what people crave is community, connection, and a sense of belonging. If we don’t provide this is our designs, we are not doing justice to the people who spend their time in these spaces.”

Unilever – Perkins and Will, Photography by Garrett Rowland

Red Bill – Gensler, Photographed by Garett Rowland

Shaw Contract Group – Perkins and Will. Photographed by Nigel Marson

McKinsey & Company – Perkins and Will. Photographed by Nigel Marson

Carter’s, Inc – Perkins and Will. Photographed by Nigel Marson


As the co-founder of Studio O+A, the San Francisco design firm responsible for groundbreaking offices at Facebook, Microsoft, Yelp, Slack and many others, Verda Alexander has spent 28 years in the design industry redefining workplace. Verda’s vision has shaped the company from its earliest days. Combining a multi-disciplinary career with a passionate commitment to improving lives through design, her contribution to a project is to question received wisdom, test basic assumptions and look beyond conventional solutions to a more creative path.

Verda’s early expertise in landscape architecture and fine arts continues to inform her interiors work today. Her experimental projects for O+A, from pop-up installations on the future of workplace to a mobile design lab partnering with communities across California, have consistently opened new doors of exploration in the company’s approach to more mainstream projects.

Food for Thought Truck, Studio O+A – Photographer: Elexa Henderson

Slack, Studio O+A – Photographer: Garret Rowland

Slack, Studio O+A – Photographer: Garret Rowland

Slack, Studio O+A – Photographer: Garret Rowland

Slack, Studio O+A – Photographer: Garret Rowland


Aleah worked her way to the top of the ranks of our team as Interior Designer and Project Manager, serving as the primary contact for clients and contractors and overseeing project details on over 150 residential and commercial projects since 2014. She has cultivated the ability to anticipate the needs of all parties from clients to contractors to vendors and orchestrate an organized and efficient project. With style, creativity, and originality that is all her own, she’s our go-to girl for out-of-the-box ideas.

Aleah graduated from Arizona State University’s Interior Design program, one of the nation’s most challenging, competitive and widely-respected CIDA accredited academic programs. Specializing in AutoCAD and SketchUp, Aleah brings a unique, tech-savvy form of concept development to the team. Outside the office, if she’s not stuck with her nose in a book, you can find her curating her collection of indoor plants or hanging out in nature.

Lemonade Insurance – Scottsdale, AZ: Photos by Roehner + Ryan; @roehnerryan

Sonoran Luxe – Fountain Hills, AZ

Highwood Haus – San Francisco, CA: Photos by Gillian Walsworth for Dwell Magazine

Equality Health – Phoenix, AZ: Photos by James Stewart

Urban Phoenix Warehouse Office

People’s Choice Voting | 2020 DESIGN EXCELLENCE AWARDS

Welcome to the 2020 IIDA Oregon Chapter Design Excellence Awards – People’s Choice voting site! Voting ends on September 25th at 12:00 pm.

For full-sized versions of each board, right click on an image and select “open link in a new tab.”

Member Spotlight: Britni Jessup

Name: Britni Jessup
Rowell Brokaw Architects, Interiors Director, 7 years (in March 2020)
IIDA member since: 2006

What are you currently working on?:
There’s always a good variety of projects on my plate: work environments of all sizes, public and institutional learning environments, multi-family housing, and retail/ restaurant projects.

What does being a designer mean to your life?:
It’s a lens, for better or worse, that I am constantly looking through. I find myself unconsciously seeking to understand how the planning, design and feel of processes, places and things add or detract from the experience. Everything from dropping my kids off at school to buying a jar of lotion.

What gets you excited about design?:
The human experience. Across all sectors, that’s the one thing that binds all of our project types. Listening and designing solutions to support instead of to a trend lends itself to better, more timeless outcomes.

Interesting fact?: We just remodelled our own kitchen. Turns out it’s true that the toughest client is yourself!

On a typical Saturday where can we find you?:
Sneaking in an early work out, watching my kids swim or play soccer (or getting them outside– they have a serious daily calorie burn to hit) and making dinner with family and friends. Maybe working a bit, too.